I love receiving steaming mugfuls of Creative Caffeine from you David! I really love the way you think. You make so much sense. I feel as if I were a closet creative and through receipt of the ideas and inspirations you share, my real life isolation is alleviated and I’m soothed by the reminders that I’m far from alone. I feel like Creative Caffeine is for those who don’t care how “it’s always been done” because they’re aware of the details of this environment now and present to what’s special that can be overlapped and interwoven to form brand new bridges across cognitive chasms to fresh, new realms of concepts and processes. Does that sound anything like you?


Reminds me that creativity has to be prioritised. Inspires me by the way its written. It's real. There's no marketing, no sales. It actually feels like connecting with a real, whole person. Not a curated part of one. Even though, of course, by its nature, that's still what it is. It's like good late night wine chats with an interesting person.


Creative Caffeine is a refreshing breather in a busy inbox, reminding me to take stock and think deeply. David shares his creativity and inspiration in an engaging and warm way, and the responses he shares from other readers is creating a lovely community.

Caitlin H-T

Creative Caffeine makes my inbox feel good!
It is always filled with thought provoking ideas and a unique view of the world. This makes it worth the read every time. It is one newsletter I love bring subscribed to.

Kirsten Wreggitt

This list is one of the only lists that I actually look forward to receiving mail from. It's a pleasant surprise in my inbox that seems more like a wonderful letter from a close long term friend, than the ramblings of a distant stranger. It is a breath of fresh air in a world that feels all too stale the last few years and a refreshingly honest series of communication. Best of all, it removes that feeling of loneliness that can set in for anyone who works alone in a creative environment for too long and forgets that there are many others out there doing similar work sharing similar beliefs.


This email list is random in a really good way. I’m glad it’s not like other lists I’m on that are “following the formula”. I actually click and open and read most of the messages because I’m never sure what I’m going to hear about. That is refreshing. Maybe one day I’ll write back too but for now I’m a bit of a lurker who has been inspired to keep reading, to keep calm and carry on, and to enjoy life rather than analyze it all the time. Thanks.


It's thoughtful, well-written, and I can't recommend it enough for people who are just tired of gimmicks on the Internet


CC encourages me to think about what's happening philosophically and technically in our modern technologically adept world. Everything from Bitcoin to how artists can or perhaps will sell their work are mused upon, as well as so much more. This newsletter encourages me to think.


An infrequent and much-anticipated dose of unconventional inspiration. A way to glean insight from, and reach out to, the millions of creative minds that pass us by daily.

I mean, in a sense CC should be for everyone, because I wish everyone read it! But I suppose it's most fitting for those who are already creatives, in the loosest sense of the word. Human beings who see the world through a unique, malleable viewpoint.


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