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Hey, I'm David.

I founded and bootstrapped Death to Stock 7 years ago which I grew to 500k subscribers and over $3M with a remote team of 2. I now advise and lead founders through in my 1-1 coaching programs. I also help facilitate a community for Brand Owners called Jacuzzi Club.

You can find me on Twitter and Youtube as well.

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xx David

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Hey All! Last week I did an AMA where you could submit questions (you still can!). I'll write back to what I can, and or share ideas in future blog posts. Here are some responses: What does authentic content sharing look like for my message? It's really tough to not

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Hot Streaks

Sometimes some of our biggest successes are followed by lows. Some of our deepest lows are followed by our greatest peaks. There are two concepts that I find helpful to understand if you find yourself in this ebb and flow between success and burnout. Stuckness and success. "Ceilings" of growth"

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Does it *work* and how do you *feel*?

It's that simple, and that difficult. "Does it work?" Is what you're trying working for you? Are you getting the results you want? Is there a process that you are following which can reliably help you get the result you're seeking? If not, does someone else know a process that

Does it *work* and how do you *feel*?