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Hey, I'm David.

I founded and bootstrapped Death to Stock 7 years ago which I grew to 500k subscribers and over $3M with a remote team of 2. I now advise and lead founders through in my 1-1 coaching programs. I also help facilitate a community for Brand Owners called Jacuzzi Club.

You can find me on Twitter and Youtube as well.

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xx David

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Making Progress & why "competition" doesn't exist.

A major modern struggle is feeling a gap; between where we are and where we want to go. This gap is often unconscious, and primed from our constant exposure to the lives of others: * With such easy access to see exactly what other people have, and what we don't. * With

Making Progress & why "competition" doesn't exist.
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How we can use this season change to find balance

Here in the U.S. we're fully entering Winter. For me in Santa Monica, that means that the air changes. The sky is clearer, and the sun is less intense. Early next year it will get damp; there will be fog and it will be overcast often. When seasons change,

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I Keep a Dopamine Notebook to Capture and Put Distracted Thoughts into Paper Jail

"Dopamine itself is not the reward, it is the build-up to the reward". – Andrew Huberman