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Hey I’m David – I founded Death to Stock. We distribute distinct media with taste to over 500,000+ artists around the globe.

My mission is to help Artists and Business Owners build unique brands around who they are.

This blog is about how to work, not what to work on. Sign up for inspiration that raises the bar for what you expect from yourself creatively, done in a supportive and communal environment.

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"It's thoughtful, well-written, and I can't recommend it enough for people who are just tired of gimmicks on the Internet." 



"I love getting little nuggets of wisdom in bite size chunks in my email box. When I'm feeling overwhelmed, or else unmotivated, I can ponder David's thoughts. Instead of marketing talk aimed at getting me to do what they want to do, his thoughts are presented as that - his thoughts, that I can consider or disagree with or find inspiration in. It doesn't feel false to me."


New Zealand

"If you're tired of the "gurus" telling you the same things in different ways, none of which are the balms you seek, look no further. David cuts through the noise and delivers a signal that many are too deaf to understand. He dives deeper into the squishy underbelly and writes what everyone believes, but can't find the validation to confirm."


New York

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Reading the Subtext

Almost everything that comes up as a “normal” part of my process is a distraction or an avoidance of what’s important.

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Keeping in Touch can be an Art

Through coaching and 1-1 conversations with members, I'm recognizing that the best insights happen in REAL time, and relate to real problems people are trying to solve.

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The Most Generous Feedback

The past two months I’ve been testing what it could look like to build a unique type of community based around generous communication, brand and marketing. In this incarnation…It totally flopped.

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Life moves at the speed of your conviction.

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