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Hey, I'm David.

I founded and bootstrapped Death to Stock 7 years ago which I grew to 500k subscribers and over $3M with a remote team of 2. I now advise and lead founders through in my 1-1 coaching programs. I also help facilitate a community for Brand Owners called Jacuzzi Club.

You can find me on Twitter and Youtube as well.

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xx David

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Today's (Human) Lessons

Ask “What do I like?” Not “What do I want?” When it really comes down to lifestyle design, and designing your life. Inevitably you’re forced to answer the very difficult question “What do I want?” I find this question to be very difficult to pin down. If you haven’

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The Power of Specificity: Make Your Life More Impactful

Do you find it easy to choose your meal at a restaurant? When you're in tune with what you want, you can make intuitive and immediate decisions that get you and your body what you want and need. If you struggle to make these types of decisions, it's likely that

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Your Passion vs. the Rest of Business.

The hardest part of being a photographer, graphic designer, artist, creator….? The rest of business. The sales, the marketing, the budgeting, the tax planning… You might spend 80% of your time working on the business just to get to the 20% you love. And then suddenly you realize you’re

Your Passion vs. the Rest of Business.