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Social Media Metrics That Matter to Me

David Sherry
2 min read
Social Media Metrics That Matter to Me

Staying consistent with social media is a struggle for many. There’s a trade-off, you want to create and share, but you don’t want to get stuck in the feed for too long, wasting hours of your precious time.

When you catch yourself compulsively checking and consuming over-creating, it’s a good time to reflect on why you’re on social networks in the first place. The question is really about love.

What do you love most, and how can social media help that become more abundant?

When you find something you love, it becomes an end unto itself. When you identify what you love most – any time spent with it is time well spent.

Also, I can’t tell you how many individual, single comments have kept me going with publishing. The reason it’s one of my number one metrics for success online that I pay attention to.

Here are the metrics that matter to me:

  1. Positive Comments – I love getting emails from readers, or getting comments to respond to. I love connecting with people in this way through what they think about what I post, how they interpret it or what it makes them think.
  2. New Friendships – A friend I met through social media just offered to let me stay at his house for an upcoming trip. This generosity, and this connection, only happened because of social media. If I can meet more good friends that I meet up with in person, that would consistently make my life more rich.
  3. My own experience – If it’s not fun for me… why bother? There’s a fine line here, as I do want to commit to showing up, and that means sometimes creating even when the “spark” isn’t necessarily there. That said, certain formats call to me more, and we can lean into those formats so that we enjoy our publishing.

If you’re struggling to publish often, reflect on the metrics that you care about most, and ask if or how you might approach what you do differently if you were truly focused on those metrics.

P.S. I loved this post: “A blog post is a very long and complex search query to find fascinating people and make them route interesting stuff to your inbox” and think about it often.

Have an amazing day,

xx David

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