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Finding your "F-Yes's"

David Sherry
2 min read
Finding your "F-Yes's"

I’ve started taking note of everything that’s an “F-Yes” for me. I keep notecards on me, someone called them my “middle finger notecards” because they have a certain attitude toward only the things that I truly truly want to do/create/experience.

I keep the cards in my pocket and any time I have an insight about something that truly has an “F-YES” feeling I make note of it. When you do this, you start to notice the difference between things that are small threads of desires or wants, and the real thing.

In this experiment, I’m attempting to identify the energy signature of when I create for myself vs. when I create through the lens of “I think this is what someone else would want?”

This idea of creating for others is trained in us, especially for those who have studied or thought about marketing or business. So much so, that idea of simply creating something that only you want to see exist in the world seems absurd or selfish. My question is, is it possible that those “F-yes’s” for me are actually of more service to others? Could my excitement for what I create lead to more connection and inspiration for others?

The “F-Yes’s” I write down don’t seem to have a major rhyme or reason. Some things just feel better than others. Other times, I feel into something I don’t feel any “F-yes” there however if I sit with it I can find other specific parts of an idea that are “F-yes.” So, simply using this barometer, even when you’re off target, it helps you get on target.

If you feel like you’ve been creating and being of service, but you’re wondering – where did I go from this equation? Have I sustainably created for others so much that the parts of me within the work have disappeared?

Finding your F-Yes is a reset, an inversion from creating always with the other in mind. You’re creating for yourself again. And, just maybe that will lead to creating for others, too.

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