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Tiny Gestures

David Sherry
1 min read

A gesture is a tiny sign of commitment to something. When you open the door for someone, this gesture makes you feel just a bit different. And maybe them as well.

When you light a candle. Pull out your favorite Pen. Dust off an old box of family photos. When you use a garnish or zest some lemon.  

Each of these gestures prepares us for a type of experience. They are primers, pre-commitments – each helping ensure plans go accordingly.

Given that we all can create these gestures, it's not a bad idea to think of them in the context of your own habits.

Personally, I like to use candles or incense while writing. There's also something about the warmness of a cup of tea or coffee.

Music is key, too.

Each time, I'm giving myself an experience, I'm getting into the mood.

If we are to go about our day, and we have the opportunity to...

Why not have fun with it?