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Nature Wants Art

David Sherry
1 min read

What is culture if not art?

We think we live in a serious world. And no doubt there are plenty of things to be serious about.

But look around you. Clothing has become fashion. Writing has become poetry. Food has become Art. All things converge to going beyond function.

Nature then, wants art.

Products have labels with beautiful drawings we call logos.

Kids are drawing on tablets and singing to friends. At the bars people are dancing.

Don’t discount playfulness. Despite how you try you can’t hold back the blooming of art and expression beyond pure function.

But the world doesn’t ask you to participate. It keeps on moving. So you might as well enjoy it. Might as well sew in the tapestry.

Might as well identify meaning and share it.

Might as well graduate from seeing it all as simply function.

xx David