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More Voice

So the artists, the contributors, the founders are able to laser in on what's truly important. They can put words to it, and that turns into action. And this is what we call "voice."

David Sherry
3 min read
More Voice

Even today I'm still unsure about posting. The goal is to make transparent ideas that have been connected in my head, translated in a way that you can get your own lightbulb moment.

But it's never about me having the answers, only having the ability to light the way to your own. This is why coaching suits me, it's never about me being the smartest, rather it's about seeing the other person, and helping them see themselves.

You'd be surprised at how rare this is.

When we're caught in our own stories...

When we're anxious from all the possible directions, having trouble choosing...

When we worry about how we're seen by others...

We lose our vision and we cannot see with clarity.

And clarity is more rare and valuable than it's ever been. In the age of filter bubbles and constant information flow, it's all about teasing out the *right* questions and applying the next right action based on strategy.

With so much inbound, it's easy to get caught reacting. And with so much data, it's difficult to know which is signal and which is noise.

So the artists, the contributors, the founders are able to laser in on what's truly important.

They can put words to it, and that turns into action. And this is what we call "voice."

They're able to translate what matters into a story that can be heard, felt, and that story gives motion to the people they tell it to. We all want someone we can trust and believe in, and when we sense they're genuine, we move closer. The more consistency, the more trust.

Because connection today is harder than it's ever been. Without any physical meetings, work can become transactional. And today's market is about anything but transactional. It's about art, and excitement, and understanding the culture that you're playing in.

The best leaders subtly create longer-term games, long term incentive structures, and they always give first.

They give away their insight and knowledge. This is what open source has taught us, that sharing is rewarded because it grows the pie.

This is what the community explosion has taught us. That you feed the crowd and in return value accrues to the network and...

I'm best in a 1-to-1 conversation. Some are better at 1-to-many. Others form groups. And each is like it's own muscle to exercise. Community is a dynamic way to range across all 3.

We're heading into a fully networked world. Information is abundant but that means you need to sift through, and that is where things get difficult. Not because there's not enough, but because there is so much.

And we need your voice.

xx David

P.S. What's new with you?

P.P.S. What's new w/me:

I'm exploring with short-form mediums. Namely, sms based voice notes.

I connected with a company called Piecemeal and created my first test for "audio caffeine" which are short, audio messages texted to you in a sequence and series.

You can sign up here for 7 audio notes on "awakening your creative ability" it's $10 you'll get a message from me each day for 7 days:

There's something about voice... and with the ability to message back, I think we could create really interesting dialogue and community.

I'd like to go forward with a private, audio-message-only version of Caffeine where I can add more insight and nuance that you can start your day with.

More voice:
I was asked to do a course on which I'm outlining now. It's about changing how creatives see their business, by understanding all of the opportunities available to them in the creator economy – which extends beyond freelance. I'll cover brand packaging, how to think about what to share, expanding your opportunities, and creating a process for yourself. Would love feedback on early drafts if anyone is interested!

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