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What We Want

David Sherry
1 min read

We don't get what we want.

We get what we need.

We get what we can't not have.

And so a question to ask yourself is...

What is it that would be unacceptable for me to NOT have in the next year, or 5 years?

We arrive at the floor of our expectations, every time. Because not arriving at that floor is so unacceptable that we will do anything we can to make a change happen.

So if we aim for the stars, but land on the moon...

We were unknowingly aiming for the moon.

Despite what we told ourselves.

Despite what we told others.

We "rise" to the level of our training.

No, we fall to the level of what is unaccapablte in our lives.

Growth happens as the floor of what is unaccaptable moves over time. I don't want to say "up" because directions aren't real in this conversation.

But as our level of unacceptability "improves" it does so toward our personal level of preference.

And so mine may look different than yours. But what unites us, despite our varied interests and expectations...

Is seeking to "raise" that bar.

And waking up to it being there.

xx David

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