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Weekly Caffeine - Share Your Depth

David Sherry
2 min read
Weekly Caffeine - Share Your Depth

Refinement is the ingredient present in the art we love, the architecture, the music, books, or any other type of human creativity.

In science is about refinement. We continually learn more and more about the cell, about the stars, and how matter interacts.

In art, we continually refine what we are trying to say through new mediums. Each new medium allows voices to speak through it, and as we understand the layers of all previous are before it, the specialness of a new piece comes into view.

Refinement means taking our understanding a step further – it’s zooming in one more dial on the microscope.

As we enhance our knowledge, life’s complexity shows itself to us, and we feel joy experiencing it.

Living and seeing in HD means that you notice what others don’t.

A perfumer detects multiple scents in one perfume, with a specific heart and headnote from particular regions.

A biologist notices the plants they walk over in the forest. They may even pick the right ones for food.

We are all here on earth learning.

We are learning what things mean, how to do sciences, arts, and everything else we can about this world we live in, full of skills, roles, and open space to fill with our ideas.

As I write to you, I am stacking my understanding of years of previous writings. I am incorporating what I’ve read to craft a message that gives you a better experience at seeing new detail inf your own life.

Kathy Sierra teaches us (link to book), it’s helping other people see what they couldn’t see before that creates success in our products.

She states that helping people live and work in more High-Definition than before is the surest way to help someone in any domain.

So, if you want to be helpful, grow your depth of understanding of a medium and share it with someone else so that they can see what you see.

You can do this for practically any domain you can think of.

Every tool and teacher has a purpose for this goal.

To give someone more control and ability to grow their depth of knowledge or proficiency.

The question is, what skills and areas are you refining, and how are you helping others do the same?

The question is, how am I taking what I can see in HD, and sharing that with others so that they can see?

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