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Why should you persist in publishing to social media?

Don't let yourself become overwhelmed by the prospect of having a presence on social media. The key to staying top of mind is finding your joy in the process.

David Sherry
3 min read
Why should you persist in publishing to social media?

I know a lot of people struggle to continue with the social media treadmill.

There are literally so many channels now to be on, and not only that but they are all starting to basically be the same thing!  Twitter is now Threads is now Linkedin, etc. and it just feels like the volume has turned up.

So how do you keep up? And what if you’re afraid to put yourself out there?

I know plenty of people who even go as to far as write or create a post and then never even publish! It’s more common than you think. I'm not a social media star by any means, but I do post pretty consistently. Right now I’m publishing daily to Tiktok, for example.

The real benefit of social media?

One of the biggest hurdles to posting more to social media is understanding WHY you should do it in the first place. When these sites started they were… social. Now they’re often filled with people who are doing marketing for their businesses.

  • Why should I post?
  • Why should I post if no one is going to see it?
  • Why should I post if I just have to post again tomorrow?


I want to talk about a strategic reason to post.

Here’s a “why” that I think is relevant for a lot of people, which takes the pressure off of perfection, will help you professionally, and hopefully also get you off of the habit of not posting AT ALL.

My “Why” for posting on social media: It helps you stay top of mind, with how you want to stay top of mind.

Staying top of mind

Social media is basically free advertising, but not in the way you think. You’re not publishing to get someone to buy something.

You’re publishing because someone, at some point might have a need of some kind, and when they do get stuck, have a problem, want something from friendship to support to your professional services, well then they are more likely to remember you.

How do you want to stay top of mind?

Publishing, and what you decide to create, correlates to how you want to stay top of mind. With so many people out there around the world doing interesting things, you want to simply be a part of that surface area for those people to find you, and then when they find you, to stay involved in that conversation.

Enjoying the Process Matters

So that’s the strategic reason, now let’s talk about the personal reason. This is how I think you can get staying power. On some level, you have to enjoy the creativity of posting, or something related to creating posts.

For me, I LOVE getting comments. And, I think it’s fun to make TikTok’s.

You've got to figure out for yourself where the enjoyment is. If it's not a creative process for you in some way, you're going to run out of energy.

I get a reward when I see a comment, I love chatting with people online!

Finding your voice is hard, and evolves.

It takes a really really really long time to find your "voice" online.

And basically the more you care about finding your voice, the longer it's going to take you to find it.

Oh, and every influencer telling you how to post, etc. will affect your own view on what you're doing and make it harder. I am still learning lots of subtleties of how I like to post. I don't think that will stop.

So, what's stopping you from publishing more?

You don’t have to post to be successful, and it will take some time to get more comfortable.

But being top of mind is an opportunity.

I think that makes it worth it.

As always, let me know how I can help,

xx David

Oh and P.S. If you want to feel better about your own social media journey, go to someone’s account that you enjoy and who you think is killing it. Then scroll all the way back to their very first post and go through a few of them. See how much they’ve evolved over time, and it will help you understand how much persistence and just posting pays off...

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