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The Spotlight

David Sherry
2 min read
The Spotlight

Many of us avoid it.

We're concerned that when the time comes around, and it shines on us, we'll be discovered for what we are. And so...

We prep our answer before we're called on.

We try and turn it around, to show it on someone else.

We freeze up.

Or we avoid it entirely...

The tough part is that deep down somewhere we know we want it. It's just that when we're in the blinding light suddenly we get scared again, and we hide.

Publishing today is a lot like willingly putting yourself in the spotlight.

It means sharing an idea with the world and being willing to be seen for it.

When we think that we'll only get a rare chance, well, then we build up the pressure of who we're supposed to be when it's "on" and we beat ourselves up after when it didn't go as planned.

This is all a waste of energy, because the truth is that there is no spotlight.

And, even if it's on, or off, you can choose to move forward. And, you can step on stage, again, and again, and again...

In truth the spotlight is a constant fixture. It's more like the sun.

It's only not out when you're sleeping. Otherwise it's there, its' available.

So if you can tip toe out on the stage, you can learn to get comfortable there. You can learn to see the audience instead of being concerned with how you look. You can learn to hop-skip out there. Because our fear is based in thinking that we don't belong up there, and our discomfort tells us that this belief is true. But flipping it around, finding comfort, and returning, tells your mind that there's nothing to be afraid of up here.

That mistakes don't mean the game ends, and that you can be present, or even find joy up their sharing.

The best thing you can do is turn the spotlight you fear into the sun you're warmed by.

Knowing it's there for everyone, at any time to give and share energy with.

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