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How Symbols and Stories Guide Us

David Sherry
1 min read

Symbols and Stories Guide us.

Why else would they be so prevalent?

They've been used since the beginning of time to point us in directions.

To take our self, moving through space, and alter our course of action and direction.

To unite and rally a direction.

And guide the desire of groups toward a shared outcome.

And the reason symbols and stories guide us is becuase they activate a different type of thinking inside of us.

They activate a different type of person inside of us.

They engage our emotions and bypass our logic.

This works quite well when the stories are positive.

Like a placebo, the right story invokes beautiful change without the dose of a harmful substance that has side effects.

But positive is in the eye of the beholder.

And the stories that take hold may not be truthful.

The distortion of reality from a story can happen through its retelling.

There's a reason we laugh at playing a game of telephone; the end story looks nothing like the original.

And so we must be careful to understand the stories that are being told around us. Which ones we believe, and which ones we're encouraging others to believe.

We do this through observation and ask, what is serving us? Or what is a distortion that could be creating conflict or harm?

Telling stories that alter the world around you is your power, your responsibility, and your gift.

We must wield our stories like a sword. They are powerful, but they also can draw blood.

Don't shy away from this.

But be mindful...

Stories are magic that we believe.

And sometimes, it's best to understand what is truly going on behind the curtain.

xx David

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