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My Media Diet & Changes

David Sherry
3 min read
My Media Diet & Changes

Like the food we eat, the information we consume impacts who we are, what we think, and what we do.

In the supermarket of ideas, we have an infinite choice. As I consume what I read, listen to, or follow, my peace of mind or quality of ideas changes.

Here is a bit more about my current media diet, including consumption and creation.

Arc Browser with an open folder

Digital Media Diet – Consumption

  1. I don't directly follow any news sources. News comes in through other means, from friends to followers. I mostly try to avoid anything that is about "breaking" or "hard-hitting." I do not care for political commentary. I am interested in Apple News+ to get a few columns for a lower price but have yet to pull the trigger.
  2. I use Arc Browser and a list of folders to links of the top blogs and sites that I do like to check. Pretty much every one of them is an independent writer or blogger. I keep this on my phone and check this instead of social media.
  3. I then use Pocket which is my preferred method for saving articles. Pocket also allows me to listen to what I consume as a podcast rather than read. I don't organize with any tags, I simply use it as a "latest saved" queue.
  4. ChatGPT is my new buddy for learning. I try and speak with it more when possible to get a general understanding of ideas in topic areas I am not familiar with. As soon as the audio experience improves, I will be speaking with it more over voice rather than text. Apps like Curio interest me for customized learning experiences.
  5. Instagram is on my phone but Twitter is not. I am about 75% off of Twitter at the moment. I find it too difficult to see the posts I like while avoiding the posts I don't. If there were a more open protocol version of Twitter I would use that to customize my experience. I wrote a bit here on "Social Media in it's Machine Era."
  6. I don't scroll any other social media sites. I love Tiktok but have been off it for about 3 months. I may return. I hope to play around more with Farcaster or Airchat.
  7. I'm spending less time on Slack (Including communities), and more time in messaging apps. I'm hoping to start or be a part of more group chats.
  8. Arena, Sublime, and Mymind are where I organize inspiration. My attempt right now is to spend more time here rather than social media, including looking for inspiration but also for collecting and remembering what I've found.
  9. If I have one bad media habit, it's that I am happy to watch low-q TV shows including 90-Day Fiancé which I enjoy. I still love Survivor, although this new season has been my least favorite in years. My goal right now is to watch more Masterclass, Youtube, or documentaries over TV shows.

Showing up in Small Doses – Creation

Committing to creating more is as difficult a process as shifting what we consume.

This year I started out creating a LOT across many channels including short-form video which was a new skill for me. Eventually, I went somewhat viral with a video and then promptly quit. I tell myself I only have power over something if I can quit any time I want to. This thinking can lead to a lack of full commitment, so I'm rethinking this. Next year I want Focus as a theme and value.

Some questions I have about creation have been...Should I post more frequently but less thoroughly? Should I create more ideas in a longer-form fashion? Which form of creation am I most drawn to?

Every Friday I curate products, services, and ideas for Founders interested in personal/professional growth through my Substack.

On Wednesdays I publish through this blog with more of my thinking and ideas.

Right now showing up in "Smaller doses" feels good over daily creation. I'd love to hear about what you're enjoying most either from what you're consuming, creating.

As always, let me know how I can be of help,

xx David