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Learn Now, Teach Later

David Sherry
1 min read

If you pay attention, every pain and difficulty is material for helping someone else.

When you struggle as an artist, you face challenges that no doubt others face. It could be in work, relationships, or the inevitable ups and downs of life.

But this makes you a helpful guide. You can speak to a specific feeling, and when you express it through your work, it can connect deeper like through story, painting, or film…

And the audience feels it and wonders how you encapsulated that fleeting feeling of being human.

But of course, that feeling they have is not just them. And the feeling you are having is not just you. It’s that of many others, here, there, across time, across borders.

An Artist pays attention so they can speak up. And they work hard on their craft so they can translate the feeling into a master work.

Learning now, to teach later.

xx David

Mastery and Craft