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How to Brainstorm with Yourself

David Sherry
1 min read

What humans excel at is creativity.

We solve problems, we invent, we coordinate, and we generate a thing from nothing.

And, while it can feel that way now, we are not helpless.

We invent makeshift respirators, non-electrical pumps, new methods, technologies, and we share them with others. This creative process is what builds wealth for us as humans.

And sometimes the problems we solve are emotional.

And sometimes the problems we solve are psychological.

So maybe you're stuck, or you feel like your path is unclear. That's normal.

It's just time for you to invent a creative solution.

But too often we don't give ourselves enough space to just THINK.

So today I'm going to share how to Brainstorm with yourself.


  • Go on a 30 min walk without any distractions, purely to think. You can have an idea ahead of time of what you want to ponder. Or you can go in without any expectations.
  • A few minutes into your work, begin to focus on an idea you'd like to develop. What do you want to happen? What do you want to see created?
  • Quiet the logic part of yourself, if you feel yourself thinking "but how will that…?" Stop and move back to open ideas without the need to know everything or have it be perfect.
  • Once you've developed the idea and you're feeling excited about the direction –  visualize its end state and describe it to yourself in detail. Picture it playing out like a story.
  • Use to record any thoughts out loud. This will transcribe what you say out loud to text and timestamp it for your notes to have later.
  • If it feels awkward or weird just pretend you're on the phone.

‍xx David

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