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Hitting a High Note.

David Sherry
2 min read
Hitting a High Note.

Roger Love is a Vocal coach for the most famous celebrities and singers.

His method is to teach you to use your voice in a new way. Like an instrument, Roger is the world expert in helping your tune change, should you want it to. He helped Bradley Cooper sing in a Star is Born, and has helped countless other professional speakers.

An incredibly simple but useful lesson that Roger points out is that we have an entire range to our voice (Do, ray, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do) yet we often rarely use it.

If you think of your speaking a sentence out loud like singing a song, you begin to see how much range you have and how your pace adjusts.

Being an interesting speaker is about keeping a dynamic range of notes.

So the simple advice is to speak higher then in a bit go lower, then speak faster, slower…

Essentially create a rhythm – rather than a monotone.

Monotone speaking… is boring… because… as you… listen… you start to tune out….

You tune out because the repetition of the sound lulls you into believing that you already know what is about to be said.

You tune out because you go unconscious.

As I Coach Founders and Creators, I see my job the same way.

My belief is that we are all incredibly flexible and dynamic in the range of possibilities for which we can occupy in our personality.

The problem is that the way you have acted, for the last month, year, or decade has become FIXED.

It’s become FLAT. Monotone in it’s repetition.

By expanding our own dynamic range (challenging ourselves to be who we are not) we learn to exercise new and unique aspects of our personality.

It may be true that today you are currently Fixed in a disorganized or unhappy structure. But that structure is simply built by repetition.

Like a riverbed we create grooves that go deeper as we continue to walk down them.

But we do not have to keep walking down them.

That part is a choice.

And so to start, we need to first look at where you are Monotone.

Where are you staying the same? How are you repeating yourself? In which ways are you flat ?

This allows us to start to exercise a high note, a bass note, or a rhythm change.

Most importantly, this practice allows you to see that the practice is possible.

Hearing your voice in a high head-note may not keep you speaking that way permanently from now on.

But it will show you that it’s possible.

That you have a new range in your instrument, and that you can use it if you choose to.

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