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David Sherry
1 min read

There are two postures we can take:

One posture is to try and “get” something from others; To fulfill our unmet needs, get resources or validation.

The other is to “Give” – In this posture you see the other person rather than yourself first. You ask where you can help. You see the task at hand, and you use creativity to fulfill it for someone – or something else.

In the mindset of the “taker” there is never enough. They are seeking to obtain what they don't have.

And in the mindset of the giver there is always more to give away than we need ourselves.

What the giver knows that the other does not is that what you can give is infinite.

Ideas generate more ideas. Generosity generates more generosity. Good will, attention, lifting someone up with a kind word is never viewed through scarcity. And it’s never done for something in return.

The irony in all of this is that the giver is given to, in return.

And those seeking to "get" keep chasing.

As long as you hold the belief that you need to get more to have enough, by definition you'll never have it.