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Success Leaves Clues

David Sherry
1 min read

Instead of studying someone else...

Study yourself.

The last time you had success with something (a year ago, a month ago, a week ago)...

What happened? What lead to that result?

What conditions create results for you?

You are your own laboratory, and the world and the events around you are places to put your mixtures and potions to the test.

You don't fail.

You simply created something in your lab, that when put to the test in the external world, didn't give you the result or experience you thought you'd get.

So you go back to the lab. You try something new.

Create a new hypothesis.

And then, when something works, study it, understand it, and then keep it in your repertoire.

Don't miss out on building your greatest foundation, the library that you should always keep and grow...


You've got an entire world within you, a whole symphony of sounds, mixtures, rare ingredients, visions, and inventions...

There is so much to explore it will last you a lifetime.

Get as much of it out, document it, share it, and master the elements as much as you can.

Don't waste it by obsessively looking over someone else’s shoulder...

And forgetting yourself.

xx David

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