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Breathing Room

David Sherry
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Breathing Room

I’m currently in Mendocino, a few hours North of San Fransisco.

I’m staying in what used to be a comune, so that cabins are hand-built. There is a live creek that provides water for the property, and there are still dense pockets of forest, despite being cleared out by loggers in the 1800s.

Mendocino is a charming town right on the coast. I've added a few more photos here at the bottom. You can see I've got a nice fire going as we speak.

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Confusing Boredom and Burnout

Most business owners I work with go through sprints where they work hard and have clarity for the moment. What typically follows is a bit of a "hangover" effect. They hit times of uncertainty for what's next.

This stage is tricky – people can confuse boredom with burnout, or they will continue with their previous patterns despite it no longer working.

Often times this phase needs space to see what's next. The cure to boredom is to define the next opportunity and to realign toward that.

Most people do the opposite.

Giving Yourself Breathing Room.

So right now I'm not making any decisions. I'm letting things sit and calm down for a bit before something new bubbles up.

You won’t do your way into discovering what the next iteration for yourself is. You have to first see what needs to be dropped, and that takes some distance and reflection.

If your compass is spinning, stopping instead of taking more action is often the best cure.

Only when there is enough breathing room can new ideas can take shape and begin to spark.

Once we've settled, and ideas emerge, we can make the necessary decisions.

Making Decisions

Seth Godin had a great question for any of us to answer;

What are the five big decisions on your desk right now? Would others in your position have a different list? How much of your day is spent learning what you need to know to make those decisions? And can you make them all by Tuesday?

What does your list look like?

Making Change

Both life and business are about change.

We need to embrace new chapters and re-arrange when necessary.

We don't just sit back and let things happen... we actively go out of our way to change them.

This is the fundamental value that a leader has.

We see what is no longer working and allow it to fall away.

Then we shape what's next based on our own unique vision.

How will you change in the year ahead?

Looking forward to hearing back and supporting those that I can in this process.

As always, let me know if I can help,​ ​ xx David

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