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David Sherry
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Shouting is not the answer.

We click the link but we don’t stick around.

We only stay for that which has a certain weight to it. A certain magic that comes from insight, context, and a sweet spot that’s hard to describe. When it hits you, you know.

As for finding that balance for yourself, it doesn’t come easy…

And “trying” to be something you’re not is counter-productive. On occasion, someone can bend the world to their will and force attention and awards, but it won’t last.

Best to be honest, share your perspective, and work you’re way forward.

And, as the landscape of your life changes, so does the work, and so does the depth of insight it provides.

There's no shortcut; which is perfectly illustrated in the breakdown video of how Casey Neistat invented

his style for his vlogging, which took 10 years to give his work the amateur look.

Don’t get me wrong, when you pay attention to those that go before you, insight abounds, and if you pay attention between the lines you can avoid many trappings as well as see the fresh powder.

The problem is we’ve attached counters to everything. Big data brings us metrics, IOT, and ultimately the score is being kept with everything we do in some manner.

Likes and downloads are easy to track, and we equate those to impact. Which to some degree is true. But in the early days of your work are you guiding your work or is the attention?

Because you can get sucked into sameness to compete for likes which pulls you away from your own path. The one that would ultimately provide a more lasting satisfaction for you and your audience. In the beginning, it's not finding the right metrics but finding that "weight."

So are we all competing against each other, or are we all in our own race?

And are we going by the metrics of social media culture or by what matters to you and your art?

xx David

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