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Art is a Feeling pt. 1

David Sherry
1 min read

You want to glow.

You want to be as excited about the idea as anyone else. Even mores o.

You share but you don’t need to.

You don’t need a response.

You want to overflow.

It comes to you naturally, sometimes during a discussion or a conversation.  Sometimes that conversation is with a book or a notebook.

The best ideas for art don’t need to be justified or argued for, they stand on their own.

The best books don’t need a detailed interpretation.

The best movies make each person feel exactly what the feel.

Even the ones who didn’t like it or are frustrated by it.

The best art exists on its own.

It doesn’t echo.

The best art has depth. Sequels exist within it.

When something has true staying power, it can’t be explained.

The best art is silent, even when it’s adorned.

It’s a vacuum. Its flaws don’t need correction.

It's like it has always existed.

xx David