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Web3 Communities and a One Made for Newbies

David Sherry
2 min read

I’ve been blogging about crypto for awhile via my Substack, Art $ Attention – So if you’re someone who wants to go deeper into that space, you can read through any past posts such as Flying a Kite Into the Trend or Tomorrow's Verbs and Adjectives.

You can subscribe free, and expect semi-regular posts related to how I'm seeing this trend impact our work/investments. Otherwise, my typical programming and personal updates will continue with Caffeine here.

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An "Invisible College" and Web3 community to get you started.

One major trend to be aware of is how quickly communities, projects (like ConstitutionDAO), and people are coordinating to develop new opportunities and value.

What used to take months or years is now happening in weeks. Capital and talent are growing opportunities faster than any time before.

Opportunities are emerging through small groups that form rapidly and organically in Discord and Slack, which serve as digital hubs for coordination.

This is messy creativity. It's a more chaotic form of capitalism, where resources and talent are more liquid.

I believe that how we coordinate our work is one of the biggest changes happening in the world today. This is both the problem and the opportunity – how do you coordinate on work with dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people you’ve never met in person?

Protocols (Crypto-network technologies) provide that core structure by which contributors can be incentivized to participate in.

Whether you’re committing code, capital, media, or creative…new type of organization will re-think org-design, and collaboration.

IF any of this is feeling foreign to you, I wanted to share a new “College” (DAO) being started by my friend Nick Dewilde and some of his collaborators.

Nick is building a new type of digital education focused on Web3, Crypto and blockchain.

He’s started a free community you can join in their Discord – and has an upcoming NFT launch that is part of their learning program.

Check out his thread about this new type of educational community here:

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Nick deWilde
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December 7th 2021

This is a group I'm personally hanging out in and learning from, so if you do join give me a wave (username Brandswell) and I'll see you in there.

As always, let me know if I can help,

xx David

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