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3 Doorways: Work, Connection, World

David Sherry
1 min read

When we’re caught in confusion, in debating or worrying, our focus and energy have shifted inward.

Because we're struggling, we begin to look to the outside world for validation. We look for the signals that tell us we're ok, or that we're going to have good fortune.

This process sucks energy inward – it uses the outside world as a mirror. One that we're hoping will reflect what we want to see.

This pattern disconnects us from our surroundings. It leaves the world around you unnoticed – and it leaves out so much of what is available for someone to see.

If you've ever been so focused in your head that you realize you weren't really present or paying attention, you know how this can feel.

When we create something… we can focus on the work.

If we focus on ourselves and the work, the creation suffers. We are splitting our energy and focus between ourselves and the work.

When we are with others… we focus on the other.

If we focus too much on ourselves and forget the other, the connection between you suffers. People can tell that you're not truly paying attention.

And if we are in the world... we can focus on the world.

If we focus too much on ourselves, we miss the diversity, complexity and sensory experience of what is around us.

Being cut off from any of these due to a focus on being lost in our own heads is where we tend to struggle.

If we can build a habit – any of these can be a doorway towards more freedom.

Maybe you notice beauty and art.

Maybe you notice people.

Maybe you find total focus on your work.

Each is a doorway out, all three, is freedom.

If you know one, you can know them all. Because each is the experience of having your energy shared outward with what is around you.

And because you are there, fully, you don't miss what is there.

Using these three doorways is how we can exit the internal confusion and bring ourselves back to the present –

Noticing what's right in front of us, and what we can give to it.

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