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Yesterdays Time

David Sherry
1 min read
Yesterdays Time

Yesterday I had one of those surreal experiences where you are present,  you totally recognizing time for what it is.

I realized, just for a moment, that yesterday is truly gone.

And now again, this morning – that day, that realization, resurfaced but it occurred before, back then.

Again, gone.

It is so easy for life to appear to be an endless loop, something that simply restarts every morning, allowing you to keep working at it, keep progressing.

But the truth is that time, at least our time, is sifting through to the end like a time glass. Behind us, floating away like a dream, and ahead of us, only with so much road, how much, we don't know.

If you can see this for what it is, you will want to run headlong into what it is that you're doing. If you can recognize the pace at which time continues to head forward, you can adjust, today.

There is no time to pretend any longer. Why continue to do so, when the most precious thing we have is right now, and there is only so much of it?

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