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What Makes a Great Brand?

David Sherry
1 min read

A Great Brand...

Is maniacal about quality.

But does so because of their own personal standard.

A great brand…

Breaks our perception of what we think a brand can be.

And does so because to them it is common sense.

A great brand…

Is Consistent, because consistency breeds truth.

Consistency signals ability.

Consistency conveys confidence, and the ability to rely on something as a result.

So when you’ve found consistency within yourself...

When you can regularly produce a fantastic result...

This is how you will gain the trust and viewership you deserve.

A Great Brand...

Cannot be minimized to metrics.

Through great struggle, great brands are shaped. And their opportunity for impact is limitless, and cannot be reduced to numbers alone.

And Great Brands....

Have found Mastery.

Mastery is the reduction of useless movements to produce nothing other than the result.

A Great Brand cannot be about Appearances.

Rather they indicate to the world, the truthful refinement and ruthless reduction of movements to produce nothing other than the intended result for their customers.

xx David