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What is Art?

David Sherry
1 min read

Art is everything you don’t have to do, but choose to do.

Art is the decision to go above and beyond.

It’s an overflowing cup.

Transactional work is uninspiring (You give me this, I give you that). Art is giving someone your humanity, listening with empathy, sharing your experience. Making someone feel.

We need products: cars, homes, a washing machine. These should be delivered as expected. But beyond that, we need connection, understanding, intellectual discovery, shared experience, and interpretation.

Many people have lived and died here on earth, but it’s the artist that is the one who’s remembered (Does anyone truly revere Napoleon or Genghis Khan?).

They were leaders, but were they someone we hope to embody someday?

Art doesn’t demand subservience.

It’s an ally.

Or a deep truth we all share.

Art makes you feel.

Sometimes so much that eventually…

You feel compelled to create Art for others.

Xx David

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