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Weekly Caffeine – The Market for Online Education

David Sherry
2 min read
Weekly Caffeine – The Market for Online Education

I'm just now starting to appreciate the full capacity of Youtube. You can find answers to questions you didn't know that you needed to ask within its search.

Take, for example, an issue I had with a pain in the right side of my upper back; it would come and go almost at random. Not so frequently that I went in to see someone, but enough for it to be an annoyance.

After all different types of treatments, most of them self-prescribed, I finally had enough and decided to check out on Youtube if anyone had something to say. That led me to a breakthrough in my understanding which, without going into too much detail, led me to learn that the nerves from your neck can send pain down to other areas of your back, which is not the actual problem area.

And now, every morning, I'm using Youtube for at-home workouts.

And when I see a term I don't understand, a philosophy, or a financial jargon I'll just Youtube it.

The point is, you've got people working every day to answer your questions – and online learning is just in its infancy.

Education today is K-12. If you go to college, that's another 4 years, so call it anywhere from 12-20 years of learning, give or take. But if we live to be 90, that's 70 years of non-education, assuming you stop after college.

And that is just our formalized education.

We don't need to follow this set of constraints set a century ago in today's era.

I'm betting that in today some form of formal learning – a class, cohort, work-group, self-study will span across those 70 years, which means that education as we know it is about to continually be a larger part of the rest of our lives and work.

70 years of continual learning is a gigantic market.

Learn to Learn, Learn to Teach.

This is leading me to not only develop more understanding of the learning process but teaching as well.

If we can learn to teach, and we can learn to learn, we'll create the meta-skills for our learning economy.

I am enrolled in Ali Abdaal's Part Time Youtube Academy, for example, to further develop some skills at teaching.

There are plenty of other courses which teach you to teach or teach you to learn. The book "A Mind For Numbers" comes to mind as a method for learning math or science.

Or, if you want more tips on using Youtube/Tiktok for learning you can check out my post Turn Your Filter Bubble Into a Classroom.

These are the meta-skills to help you get the most out of learning opportunities..

Hey, thanks for reading. Today is a holiday in the US, I am working back at one of my favorite coffee shops. I'm on the lookout for a VA, Notion skillset and PST time zone preferred.

As always, let me know if I can help,

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