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Wearing a bigger hat

David Sherry
1 min read

When you put yourself into a role like "coach" "parent" or "student" you identify as that role.

Picture yourself wearing a hat where that is written across the front.

Because of that identification, we look at the world from that role.

The student can't possibly start a business because, after all, they are a student.

The entrepreneur who can't possibly go back to school, after all, they're an entrepreneur, and so on.

This identification with a title serves as a lens, a filter.

It shapes what you see, or don't see.

It might be helpful to remember that despite being an "entrepreneur" you also are much more – you may be creative, enjoy learning, be a son, someone who appreciates art, and so on...

If you are feeling frustrated because you find yourself in a box, or lacking the progress you'd like to see, it may be time to expand your view of who you are.

You are more than a title, no matter how much you identify with it.

What would happen if you put on a bigger hat?