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We See, We Create.

David Sherry
1 min read

Inside the mind of an artist, there is a revolution unfolding.

And this revolution is their Life.

It's what we witness around us, and the distinction between what we thought we knew, and what we come to understand.

Because with each movement of feelings, each change in perspective, there is a lesson.

And this lesson overthrows our previous belief.

And this is our gift; the ability to take what we see and turn it into something beautiful.

It could be art, a business, a way of greeting someone new or getting dressed in the morning, a particular approach to a hobby, a vision, or a new sound...

When we see and experience and turn it into something that expresses our discovery.

It's this precious place, this settling in, the sound of a new understanding, and the very source of our work.

We see, we create.

We see, we create…
Xx David

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