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UX vs. Copywriting

David Sherry
1 min read

They have the same goal.

And both can be applied to create something unique.

Great copy can move people. It creates a dissonance and a release that gives us a deep feeling of connection, in the same way a beautiful visual or ad can.

But UX is a frontier which allows you to build your experience from the ground up.

Most people would encourage you to follow the standards here less you break something, but I'm not so sure.

Yes, the UX needs to be practical, but if you're building something new, something from the ground up, UX is as powerful as language.


Swipe left and Swipe Right was a risk that allowed the brand to create the specific experience that they had a vision for.

Many would have thrown it out upon seeing it.

....But now it's a new standard.

xx David