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Using Reality to Build Momentum

David Sherry
2 min read

Have you ever seen Kitchen Nightmares? Gordon Ramsay, the famous chef, goes into mediocre restaurants to turn them around from the brink of failure.

In every single episode, the restaurant owner is in denial about something.

Let me give you an example of what typically happens…

Ramsay: Chef, this bread is the worst FgckkING bread I have ever tasted in my entire LIFE.

Chef: That’s strange, our customers love our bread and it’s baked fresh every day.

Ramsay: DO NOT tell me this is baked fresh, hell, I’m going back into the kitchen right now…

Ramsay goes into the kitchen and discovers that the bread is store-bought, and weeks old

Chef: Ok, OK, you’re right, it’s store bought. And our Yelp reviews have been really bad, mostly… people complaining about the bread…sniffles

Ramsay: Chef, I mean, what did you even want to BE when you were growing up??

Chef: I wanted to be a bread maker, it was my only passion starts crying

Ramsay: SO…what if we taught you how to learn to bake bread? Hmm?

What if from now on you are the head Chef and the head baker, and every day you come in and learn to make the best damn bread that has ever been baked?

• Chef cries tears of joy from being able to now pursue the dream of being a baker.
• Chef actually learns to bake bread over the next few months, and it’s 5 times more fun in the kitchen every day, and he's excited to go to work.
• Customers love the restaurant because bread is baked fresh and people give it compliments.

Now… Do you see how silly the shame is?

Do you see how easy it is to cover up? To pretend the bread is not moldy and crusty?

What an opportunity!

What a gift!

Instead of continuing to cover up the shame of not having it…See reality for how it is so that you can ACTUALLY get the things that you want.

Let’s build momentum, from where you are without shame and with clarity about where you truly want to go...

Think of your current situation, whatever that may be.

Now think of that as simply feedback from the structure that you currently have in place: The structure of your habits, of mindset, and actions…

It’s not wrong, it’s not right. It just is.

The current outcomes you’re getting are in direct connection to how you are currently structuring your time, effort, and work.

And that’s OK. It’s ALL OK.

The yelp reviews are bad.

OK. So what now?

If you want something different…

If it’s your CHOICE to create something new…

You can do something to reorient yourself towards creating that.

This is a beautifully empowering concept to understand.

And in this way, seeing reality as clearly as possible is actually a GREAT way to create momentum.

Most businesses cover up reality.

They create small lies, small obscurity in facts; they hide from areas that have the biggest opportunity for growth.

The moment you see that something is off from a healthy, non-judgmental place, you suddenly have the opportunity to fix it.

xx David

Discuss –

Where have you been avoiding reality, and how can you use seeing it clearly as an opportunity to get what you want?

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