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Nature's Personality Test

David Sherry
1 min read
Nature's Personality Test

I’m a huge fan of personality tests.

I like Kolbe, Enneagram, Wealth Dynamics, and even more esoteric tests that dive deeper into spiritual aspects self or life’s purpose.

When you understand more about yourself, you gain confidence that the skills you naturally possess are worth doubling down on. You doubt yourself less when you fail at being good with numbers or spreadsheets because you are more comfortable with people. Or you worry less about trying to turn yourself into something you’re not in a job.

Essentially – self-understanding creates clarity first, and then confidence that you’re on the right path, which leads to perseverance, which leads to success.

But we don’t need personality tests to help us understand which steps to take next, what work we’re best suited for, or when we’re entering our zone of genius.

Instead, we can simply notice how we feel.

Our hearts are a 24/7 guidance system to what's right for us.

The feeling's we get are primal, they offer us information without going through the filter of the mind's interpretation.

When you jump on your next call, how does it make you feel? Energized? Stressed? Confident? Bored?

When you do your next major project at work, how do you feel doing it?

In a previous newsletter, I shared a question that I think helps us get to the heart of this idea, which is “When do you feel most proud of yourself?”

"Internal Pride" is a feeling we get from doing something uniquely suited to ourselves. We’re proud of ourselves when some younger version of ourselves (the only one who truly knows us) recognizes our progress in a craft that is unique to us.

Take personality tests, they help you understand yourself and what’s right for you.

But don’t simply intellectualize the process to the point of missing out on your own internal GPS that's with you in every moment.