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Trying Something New

David Sherry
2 min read
Trying Something New

It's tough to try something new.

You think you're going to get to it but you never seem to be able to.

You hear a voice down there somewhere urging you forward but yet you retreat.

All of the fears that come with putting your ideas out there into the world stem from being afraid to be seen, as you are.

So often we're stuck pretending and that leaves us stuck in two worlds...

The internal – where we know who we are, what we're after, and we're grounded in our own presence.


The external – where we try and achieve, we perform, but not for the results we want. For the results we think OTHERS want.

These two worlds are tough to navigate. Just like...

Business vs. Art.

Success vs. Spirituality.

External Rewards vs. Internal Growth.

That's why I'm going to be leading us through a series of new group experiments, each designed to help you develop internal clarity by taking you through micro-experiments and micro-risks aimed only at helping become more of who you are.

It's a way to help you raise your own bar and share your own ideas, among peers only seeking to do the same for themselves, supporting each other in the process.

These experiments aren't about finding answers, it's about getting the most growth from where you are.

What growth looks like for one person, will look different for you...

And that is OK.

So if you're down for this new extension to Caffeine...

If you're interested in trying this experiment...

I'm looking for the people who want to go first.

What you will get:

  • Caffeine posts (some private, some audio, some written) that will help spark insights and discussions among the group, which will be hosted online (The first group experiment is already waiting for you to take part in).
  • Group Experiments – I'll take us on group journeys using new technology or lead discussions where we'll all learn and discover our own ideas in the process.
  • Extended-Web – New features that emerge elsewhere online for you to follow (or not) for a more multi-touch experience.

This is for you if:

  • You're one part business drive, one part grounded in the longer journey of your life.
  • You work better in beautiful spaces.
  • Your hobby grounds you (even if you don't get to it enough).
  • You wish to contribute more to the conversation.

Register interest here: