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Truths about Productivity

David Sherry
1 min read

We only have to be “productive” on those things we feel obligated to do.

But even those things we want to do can benefit from systems that keep us from slipping into complacency.

Pure actions create results. Forced actions repel them.

Doing work without personally identifying with it creates focus and ability.

Nudging a step beyond expectation and going the extra mile out of care, art and attention… gives you an edge.

It's better to understand why a system or tool is used that to learn thatyou should use it.
(I have more thoughts to share here later).‍

Everyone is a teacher.

If you formalize your teaching too much, you no longer become a teacher.

All teaching is metaphor and abstraction.

Learning is spontaneous.

Problem solving is inefficient. Transcending a problem is stronger than solving it.

Most things aren't that important.

There is actual progress when you identify the things that are.

xx David