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Who Do You Trust?

David Sherry
1 min read

There is so much noise.

Who do you trust?

There are so many voices sharing their opinion.

Who do you trust?

There are news channels, fake news channels, friends who share online like they're news channels.

Who do you trust?

In today's world, with information so abundant, we need a strong sense of ourselves, like a protective layer.

This thin layer shields us from the outside world and gives us time to ponder what gets in or what gets out.

And maybe, more importantly, this protective layer mutes the sounds surrounding us so that we can hear our own voice from within.

This voice is precious and needs to be cared for.

Inputs from outside need to be let in ever so cautiously, not with abandon.

How do you cultivate this layer?

Time alone, but this is hard to come by.

How do you cultivate this layer?

Focus, but this takes understanding, that this voice is more helpful to you in your life than the voices outside.

Because if you trade your voice for another, if you focus on the voice of others instead of your own...

You will be like a leaf in the wind.

And the media around us is a cyclone.

This isn't to say keep yourself distant from information...

Rather that it should be filtered.

And it's this combination which makes us powerful in the world today.

Curious, but discerning.

Interested, but guarded.

Protected by the voice inside you that keeps you pointed in the right direction (for you).

xx David

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