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Today's Terms

David Sherry
2 min read

Age of Extremes– Reduced friction in communication and mobility leads to memes, virality, massive shifts in the tides of culture.

These “Black Swan” events drive new narratives, immediately resetting the lens through which we collectively look. The Age of Extremes means your career and life are periods of calm, followed by brief moments of massive swings, open doors, and acceleration.  In the Age of Extremes, we become aware of unprecedented risks and rewards.

Hitsville– Markets in which a small percentage of people or entities achieve massive hit status, while the majority continues to work in relative obscurity, biding their time for a chance at the spotlight. People move up quickly, but falls just as fast.

Market Myths– Stories of success and failure of people who lived in Hitsville. These are the myths we believe and use as beacons for reflecting on ourselves. The new rappers of the day ponder Tik Tok, thanks to the Lil Nas X Myth, just as others preach the Market Myth of Taylor Swift selling her rights, just as others preach the myth of Chance the Rapper succeeding without a label.

Elon Musk wields his Market Myth status to rally his true believers and create filter bubbles.

Filter Bubbles– Stuck consuming information that is chosen by the algorithm, or reinforced by your peer group, which repeats and recycles the same narratives, driving you deeper and deeper into belief-hood.

Algorithmic information that further confirms your existing biases.

Brand Shaman– The Brand Shaman is the one who breaks Market Myths and disentangles you from Filter Bubbles. As a linchpin with the team, they are not there to assist with productivity directly but rather mediate and manage conversations.

Brand Shaman’s are here to help emancipate. Conveniently this (B.S.) break’s convention for the group by integrating and leading experiences that open the space of opportunity for a business, and extend the vision of the leadership into territories necessary for it to succeed in the Age of Extremes.

Proof of Work– The new LinkedIn. Direct and Verifiable Receipts, Verification,
Testimonials, Metrics and other means which cannot be gamed that lead to new and valuable opportunities.

While Proof of Work is terminology relating to the governance model of the Bitcoin Protocol, this Proof of Work, coined by Eugene Wei relates to the proof of result oriented work culture that rewards those with verifiable work done. 100 Days of logo creation, 50+ guests who have stayed at your Airbnb, or your Toptal Verification.

Proof of Work is how the new economy identifies and extends opportunities to talent.

‍xx David