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The Things We Cover Up...

David Sherry
1 min read

The things we cover up keep us stuck.

The thing that is most difficult about being stuck is admitting it.

It is honesty that frees us and opens us up to new possibilities.

In our professional lives, we lie to ourselves constantly. Not the type of "lie" we're taught about in grade school, but the "lie" that is mean or hurtful to others.

Emotional lies...with ourselves.

The lie that we are writing a book (when we haven't written it in months).

The lie that the business is going great (when we haven't kept a clear record of our income in a decade, and the desk is disorganized).

The lie that our menu is a smash hit (when scarcely any customers are coming through the door).

The reason we lie emotionally with ourselves is to save ourselves from the pain of admitting our inaction. It's a refusal to look at things as they are, for fear of what that might mean for our identity.

But the interesting bit about emotional lies is that somewhere deep down we use them because...

We want to project them as reality.

And the great irony is that if we wanted them to be a reality...

The fastest way to make that happen is to reveal the lie.

There is a giant leap forward that comes with truth and honesty.

There is progress the minute we pull down on the sweater that you've kept over our eyes in avoidance.

And at this moment, we have the opportunity to see new steps appear that may work, which deviate from the circular path we were so comfortable walking along.

Recognizing honestly where we are.

Knowing honestly where we wish to go.

Seeing the truth is a catalyst for progress.

And so in a way, it is true progress...

That we refuse to see.

Question: What are some emotional lies you're telling yourself?

xx David

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