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The Story of May (Pt. 1)

David Sherry
1 min read


Each of the days bleeds together, one after the other like train cars.

I wake up and shower, brush teeth and apply a variety of scents and moistures. The smells are the same. The sounds of the squeaking and creaking of pipes when I shut off the water pressure is the same. The cool fog out the window...

It's been 6 days since I last connected.

Only 1 more until I'm able to breathe with life again.

In the hills of the distant corner of the Scottish Highlands, access to others like me is rare.

I took a camera into the town yesterday to try and capture some more of where I live. And some more of the people on the street. Can you believe that people here are still using iPods, and some have never seen a Mirrorless A9300x before?

It's hard to stay invisible when the technology you hold sticks out like an invitation.

I spend most of my days on long walks with my camera, and then I post all of my images to a forum on the net, CC.

It's for others to re-edit, touch up, design over or simply provide encouragement. One time someone used it as their cover art for an EP that picked up some press, that made me so happy. I know a few of the others in the CC forum pretty well. We communicate often but mostly over email, sometimes SMS. The time zones and distance makes it hard.

Thank god for the hardwired internet my father installed when his consulting job allowed him some time at home.To think about the 1TB/s net in places like Seoul makes my head heat up.I don't like to think about it...

But tomorrow I'll tune in again, and breathe with life. And then maybe I'll feel some new inspirations to explore. Once you feel a certain way, it's obvious when you don't. So I'll hang tight, because I know it will come back if I just wait.


Signing off now.

xx David