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The Spark

David Sherry
1 min read

I was building new landing page for my 3rd iteration on an idea that I had been thinking about and working on for months. I hadn't really gotten any traction.

Publishing it, I got a sign-up, then another, then another!

At this point, I said to myself... well this is interesting.

I kept going.

(6 years later this list grew to over 500,000)


I was emailing out the first version of my new product, and I was nervous.

I'd drawn a line in the sand, I needed 500 people to purchase, or I wouldn't be able to turn this into a business.

I sent out the offer, and 430 people purchased.

Close enough.

(This business has gone on to do over $1.5M in sales)


I wanted to scrap the old way of building and teaching and do something that looked the exact opposite.

I said to myself, if at least a few hundred people join me, I'll turn this into its own thing and dedicate time to it.

I was scared, but ultimately I decided to hit "send."

(12,000 people raised their hand, and I've worked in this for 1.5 years since).


I decided to sign up for coaching, I wanted someone to help save me time, reduce my stress and help me make more powerful decisions.

We met every week for 12 weeks. I was transformed and...

We worked together for about 2 years.

(I found out later, I was one of his first clients).


Most businesses, projects, bands, creations...

They only need a spark.

And that's what we should spend our time looking for.

Placing small bets. Setting up small fire pits, with kindling (and our heart and soul).

I could tell you about countless other projects that didn't have this same trajectory. I had built the kindling. But no spark.

Maybe there was too much wind that day, or the wood I was using was damp, or no one was cold.

But if you find a spark, suddenly there's momentum and you fan the flames and things can happen way faster than you think.

All you need is one person to take a chance on you (to develop something great).

I'm grateful for the people who were that for me.

And I hope to be that person, as often as I can...

For someone else.

xx David