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The Secret That Only You Know

David Sherry
1 min read

There is an idea which you've kept cocooned from the world.

You've often even forgotten about it, as long durations of time may pass before it bubbles up again.

It comes out only late at night, or during a long walk in the woods.

Or a solo-drive.

It is an image that appears in the stillness of your mind.

It is an image of who we wish to be.

A vision of possibility.

A feeling that comes in silence and points to a life of reward, outside the pleasures of society and the world.

It is something separate.

You have stepped outside the bubble of life and seen a glimpse of something more.

It is a cause, an expression which necessitates no other feedback or appreciation from anyone but yourself.

And when this arises, you have immediate energy.

You are temporarily unshackled from cultural constraints.

Temporarily relieved from your duty to stay in the self-imposed prison of the roles of your own identity.

No longer playing for societal reward but acting untethered from consequence.

Here is a permanent well-spring.

Here is a way of being that rewards any expression.

Here is a secret that only you know.

That outside the world, there is a place you can find within yourself that with an ounce of effort comes a wave of progress.

That with even an inkling of this feeling in your cup, the world rewards you.

Opening the doors, parting the sea on either side, giving ease of passage, as it always has...

To the Genuine.

xx David

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