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The Problem with Not Hearing Compliments

David Sherry
1 min read

Is that you will miss out on your own gift.

Why is it that beautiful models still feel ugly?

Why is it that those at the top of their class fear being called out as a fraud, or stupid?

Why is it that when we’re paid a compliment... it passes us by without taking hold?

I, for a time, did not believe I was smart.

Even though I have been told by others “you are so smart”

I, until recently, did not believe I was a very good writer.

And I lie to you know, as I’m still not sure.

The healthy interpretation of this is that I will always strive to be better.

The unhealthy interpretation is that I will never, as my friend Chris says “relax into my brilliance”

I am not saying any of this to boast. You may believe that I’m smart or dumb. You may believe that I’m a good writer or a terrible writer, or a terrible person or a great person, or a funny guy, or a loser, or attractive, or conceited, or humble...

None of that matters.

What matters is my own perception. It is the only thing that matters, because to reap the benefits of these labels, I simply need to believe them, myself.

And to be intelligent but not believe yourself to be... is not so different from being unintelligent.

Our faculties are therefore not under our full disposal.

Our abilities, not on full display.

As we shy away from what makes us special, as we do no accept compliments from those around us, believing the opposite...

We miss out on giving our gift in abundance.

Believing we have none.

When we have it in infinite supply.

And everyone is pointing that out.

You just can’t see it.

xx David