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The Paradox of Our Deepest Problems

David Sherry
1 min read
The Paradox of Our Deepest Problems

Individually we are stuck in our old patterns. we have developed a set of habits that gives us the same output – and they persist in the way they play out in our minds every day.

This is what being stuck means – we continue to get the same output despite our best effort.

For some this is relationships, for others health, for some... work. These patterns are difficult to see from the inside out. So it helps to have a coach, or partner, or someone to mirror what is happening for you so that you can see it clearly.

Otherwise we're bothered, and we don't know what by.

We take out our frustrations on the projections of what's wrong, fighting a secondary battle so that we can never win the war.

The paradox of these problems is that they are our greatest opportunity.

This is because it is precisely where we feel the most pressure to be something different is where we have the greatest opportunity to give something different.

The world needs people with deep expertise in the human experience of difficulty, so that we can have empathetic designers, leaders and coders building  products that translate to something substantial for someone else.

The only way we transform is when those who have transformed their problems into solutions share their deep knowledge with someone else.

This is the human opportunity.

Forget "hacks" and manipulations... Your problems, the current one that is so difficult to overcome, is a treasure chest of connection opportunity.

The paradox of our deepest problems is that they offer us our deepest purpose.

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