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The New Creative World

David Sherry
1 min read

The biggest shift of the next few decades will be of the mind.

Wait for it; the books, the lectures, the debates, the gurus - all will turn their focus from our structural institutions to upgrading our individual mindset and it's adaptability. It's the next frontier.

And I'm not talking about intellectualism.
And I'm not talking about science.

The turmoil of today; the stress, anxiety, opioid addictions, the fear, all come at the same time that we've reaped massive benefits from the industrial age.

We've got an abundance of food, goods, access to infinite information freely, infinite entertainment, connection, unlimited education, yet....

The shackles of the 20th century are off, but do we feel that way?

We still don't feel the abundance, we're trapped in our heads.

It's "Whiplash."
(Joi Ito)

So the story of the day is the transition from the linear, productive world of industry, to the open, freeform, ever-changing world of the next century and beyond. There's no clear straight line anymore, and we're accelerating faster.

This is where we will need to upgrade our ability to adapt, shift and focus on the abundant opportunity at hand. Because the opportunity and abundance are here. The tools are here. We just have to build some bridges to help bring the world into the future.

The future is here, it's just not evenly distributed."
-William Gibson

xx David