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The Never-Ending Conversation

David Sherry
2 min read

Last night I had a Toast Masters meeting via Zoom. Tonight a meditation (online).

Next week a group class.

Plus 3 interviews coming up this week for podcasts.

Just how quickly can we adapt to the shift to a digital social life?

Very quickly it seems.

The culture is now less about physical status, showing off your goods and travel, as it is about being a part of a conversation about ideas.

Those ideas can be educational in nature and you can affiliate with groups based on what you wish to learn.

Or they can simply be fun and cultural, like discussing “The Tiger King” or participating in a Tik-Tok dance meme.

But one thing is for sure, the web is a giant conversation.

I feel as if this group has been ahead of the curve on that.

This newsletter has always been a conversation, not a top-down directive.

A conversation is different than information.

Conversations flow.

Conversations do not hold an answer or have an end.

A conversation has serendipity.

A conversation is an infinite game instead of a finite one.

There is a flattening of leadership going on, or an inversion.

Leaders come bottom-up, not just top-down.

Journalism is shifting towards individuals and away from institutions. We can subscribe on Substack, Medium, Youtube or wherever else we’d like to get news.

And so the discussion is no longer controlled the way it used to be. The cat is out of the bag.


And so the Media realizes this and attempts to take power in the conversation back.

But the truth is they have missed the memo and all when all is said and done they’ll be forced to join it, too.

Because people are no longer listening.

You don’t need to have the TV on, you can hit mute, you can hit block…

You’ve got other options. Millions of other options, and so what you learn is…

To trust not in any one voice but in a diversity of voices. Not in any one opinion, but a diversity of them.

We become discerning. We learn for ourselves what to pay attention to, what to believe, and what matters to us.

We’re all evolving. And those spaces which recognize that and share in that evolution will dominate.

It’s growth vs. fear.

Fear forces compliance and is too rigid for new ideas.

Growth is open to unexpected information, in fact, it thrives on it.

You’ve got what you need here and thousands of leaders are hosting new conversations.

Which are you subscribing to?

‍xx David

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