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The Naval Tweetstorm

David Sherry
1 min read

Twitter is where culture meets conversation.

Instagram is too image based, and there are no discussions. I mean, I'm not going there to learn. It's for shopping, flaunting, and sharing travel.

Facebook is the town square: where you bump into old friends and stay up to date.

But on Twitter...

Networks are being constructed, topics are being discussed and people are genuinely meeting each other and exchanging ideas.

Circles of people with influence are emerging, mostly in Tech but also in law, sports, investing, self-improvement, health: All are sharing their insights publicly and regularly.

And the best rises quickly through these spheres thanks to the ease of sharing with the retweet, something Instagram and Facebook have somehow avoided, so things spread quickly...

Like this series of Tweets from @naval about "Wealth".

Not only has Twitter stepped in to translate this into multiple languages, people are analyzing it, discussing it, drawing up illustrated versions of it.

I haven't seen a social network move this quickly on something outside of Reddit.

So somehow Twitter is social media that makes me more intelligent. It's shown me many books, sites, people that I wouldn't have found otherwise.

In fact, I can't keep up with my feed.

Sure, bots are rampant, and political Twitter is to be avoided... but...

There's a quality conversation happening there!

xx David