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The Maze of Opportunity Toward Your Goals

David Sherry
2 min read
The Maze of Opportunity Toward Your Goals

When we set goals, we try and navigate our way to them like a maze.

In this maze of progress, we are met with a mixture of all types of interesting people, opportunities, insights, and obstacles along the way.

When done right, any path, toward any goal, reaps a variety of rewards.

Let's use an example: Let's say your goal is to make a part-time income on Youtube.

Let's imagine that the promised land of your journey ends with you having a channel of 5,000 subscribers and you're making a bit of income from the channel.

This desire, this dream is enticing. It feels good to imagine yourself at that stage of progress... At the end of the maze.

However, now that you're stepping foot onto the path, reality sets in. You take a few more steps... and suddenly you realize just how lost you are... At the beginning of the maze.

You hit a block: You don't know how to edit videos

You hit a block: You don't know how to feel comfortable on camera.

You hit a block: You don't know how to come up with or write scripts.

As you go farther on the path toward your goal, you're forced to go deeper than you had originally thought.

The linear concept of your goal becomes a complex web of different paths and patterns to pick up on. This was hard to anticipate from the outside.

When we go deeper, truly taking steps towards our goals, we meet resistance.

Contrary to Steven Pressfield's "Resistance" – This resistance is your friend.

Any bit of this resistance carries the raw materials you need to work with to improve and grow.

Without resistance, what would you push against to sharpen your skill set?

Without resistance, how would you know which areas need more development and which don't?

Resistance is what creates strength. The key is to work with the resistance to your advantage. We do this by recognizing that any journey on a path to a goal requires a series of wins and opportunities along the way.

Any area that you feel resistance in, is like a pocket of new, fresh information, opportunity, or experience just waiting for you to push into.

  • When you break through the resistance of editing, you've built a skill.
  • When you get stuck on scripts and learn more from a friend, you've built a better relationship.
  • When you've finally published, and gotten some subscribers, you've built fans. When you finally feel comfortable on camera, you've built more confidence.

In the end, not only have you created your goal (created a Youtube channel, made income) but you picked up a skillset and series of abilities and opportunities along the way.

In any maze, toward any goal, there are countless obstacles and opportunities laid out ahead of you.

You get to work with the resistance and pick up the rewards along the way.

But only if you see it that way.

As always, let me know how I can help,

xx David

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