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Your Creativity Fire

David Sherry
2 min read

In our time together, I haven't once given you a tip about a morning routine.

Or a step by step program for social media.

Or how you might become an influencer of some kind.

I don't think this is what any of you want.

And if this does happen, it happens as an effect rather than a cause.

As a feeling after reading, rather than a directive or formula given, and an open door, rather than footprints to follow.

What we're after, here, is a deeper understanding into how we bring out our truest and best nature into the world without being covered up by its fears, anxieties, discrepancies, or creative blocks.

We're told about morning routines and types of mushroom teas as ways to get ourselves into the "zone." As if these are the antidote to our creative writing block, our inability to complete our projects, or our difficulty bringing together the right team.

But when we look at that simply, we see that if we were to focus on the idea of a morning routine, or a tea, or a meditation habit…

We'd see that we were directly avoiding the difficult challenge that we are actually having.

We have trouble completing our project…so should we focus on our morning ritual?

We are having trouble communicating with our partners…so should we make sure we get the right tea?

These are like superstitions. Or rather, distractions from the real thing we're facing right in front of us.

Like you, I understand that the answer is not typically the obvious one.

"The thing is never the thing."

So it actually isn't that we should face our problems head-on.

Head-on tends to be like hitting your head against a wall.

You force yourself into it and soon tire out.

However, the other manner, going off on a totally different tangent, is really so far off track that we look to miss the thing we're stuck on.

It's like seeing smoke, knowing there's a fire, and deciding to go Apple Picking to avoid it.

Creative Caffeine is about the fire.

The fire inside of us, the creative drive that's pure.

And the fires that are causing us harm, holding us back, and that we need to put out.

Whether it is positive or negative, the topics are discussed in the same manner, by speaking directly about the fire, instead of offering a simple fix for you.

The truth is, I don't have any fixes for you.

I don't have any advice.

But I do intend to catalyze discussions, examinations, and study these fires. To understand what makes us tick, and why we cannot quit these habits. Or why we cannot start new ones.

All of us have to examine life for ourselves.

But it helps to have others examine along with you.

To reflect on the real nature of our creativity.

To encourage the truest senses, abilities, interests, and actions.

To be so clear that we start or put out any fires we choose.

To adventure so far and wide, that any direction we choose, we forge our own path. And as others try and follow you, they will begin to ask, "how have you gotten there?"

And you will tell them...

Understand the fire.

xx David
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