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The Call

David Sherry
2 min read

You are in a rhythm.

You are content with the life you lead, with your work, with where you live.

At least you think that you are.

But something isn’t quite right.

Something in the back of your mind is telling you that there are more places for you still to grow, and you still have that nagging anxiety and it won’t ever leave.

You wonder:

“When can I finally relax and feel fully content?”

Thoughts and daydreams of something else start to bubble up.

You shrug it off.

You continue in your rhythm.

You go back to the same coffee shop each morning. You smile at the same people. You are in a loop. You are eating dinner with friends, talking to the barista, and running your fingers along the same chain link fence as you head home.

But then something unexpected happens. A sign is given to you by the universe.

There is a new opportunity or circumstance which is beckoning you to take a new step forward in a direction you didn’t expect to see available along your path.

The world has pushed you off-kilter.

And now where you are, you don’t know anymore.

It all feels different. You wonder about who you were before and if you are still the same as then. You wonder just how you got to be standing where you are now standing.

You have left what is known, your conscious, and you are entering the territory of the subconscious.

The subconscious is the closet that we have stuffed to the brim with our junk,shame, and other scary things from our past that we vowed to never look inside again.

This space is complex and distinctly different. It is not pleasant, andit has been avoided for a reason.

And that which we thought to be secure is not.A friend who we could rely on has moved away. Or, we’ve lost thatspecial necklace which was given to us by our grandmother.How could we lose our necklace at a time like this?

Despite our fears, and despite the sinking feeling that continues, there is also a glimmer of something that catches our eye.

No, it is not a necklace, it's something else.

We know that the only way to find outis to go deeper. To let go. But we are unsure.

Do we continue to explore? Or do we go up for air?

We go deeper.

We accept the process.

We accept the death of what’s comfortable to find something more.

And in the murky bottom of the depths, as we search for the treasure we come to find that which we were always looking for.

We see what was our error of omission. That despite what we told ourselves, we weren’t truly listening. That we had been half-hearted. We were letting things go by. We should have spoken up.

It is at this moment, as we look directly into the face of our greatest fear that we have a deep realization.

And now it’s time to make things right again. It’s time to reconcile.

This is no longer about you. There is a bigger mission at work here.

It's time to go back now.



Back to that place where we were discontent, only now everything feels and looks different. The barista is still there, and the fence is still there, but we are not who we were.

You have learned. You have surrendered. Now you have what you needed but you are back at home and everything is the same but everything is different.

And things are finally calm again. You're enjoying your newfound understanding.

That is, until you get The Call...

Where are things uncomfortable but you are pretending are comfortable?

As always, let me know if I can help,

xx David