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The Art, Behind the Art

David Sherry
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In our corner of the internet, we continue to address the unseen. We continue to discuss areas that we've felt but not expressed. We continue to dive deeper because it is only by understanding ourselves, that we can bring our best art to the world.

The Myth of the Damaged Artist is just that, a myth.

It is true that artists are tortured.

But they are not tortured by the world.

They are in a struggle that plays out regardless of the market.

And the rewards of the market are seen as a potential salve to their pain.

However, what they fail to see is that the rewards of the market come with their own struggle and pain.

If this were not true, then we wouldn't have so many tortured famous artists.

We wouldn't have artist suicides. We wouldn't have destructive musicians, tearing apart hotel rooms or ranting on stage.

And so the artist is a wild creature, brought into this world to discover something.

And if it is discovered, they can't help but share it with others.

And if it is shared with others, we all benefit, because for a moment we feel peace.

And so it is true that artists bare their souls.

And when they do, we stand in the reverie of their expression.

But what we fail to see is the step before this expression.

We fail to see the struggle underneath the struggle.

The bearing of one's soul, to oneself.

It is the art behind the art.

It is the art of...themselves.

Which is exactly what the artist continues to run from.

And is exactly what the world needs.

xx David

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