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Sync – Sunday Coffee

David Sherry
2 min read

Sync /  8:22 PM

This is the time as of writing this where Domi is reading, in Bratislava Slovakia, on the 10th of February 2019.

For Benny, in Wichita, KS the time is 1:42 PM Sunday the 10th of February.

For Jo, in Bucharest, reading at 9:22 PM.

For Alph, the time is 4:22 PM in Santiago, Chile.

Leesa, in Melbourne, 6:32 AM February 11th 2019.
14ºC, 87% humidity.

Naved, Pakistan, possibly still up late, 12:32 AM.

Annie, asleep in Tokyo, 4:32 AM Feb. 11.

And for our imaginary reader, Mir, she is in Raqqah...It's just after 9PM.

After going to the grocery store, and organizing her cabinet, she makes a light dinner and then her face is lit up by the glow of her laptop.

An email arrives. Tea is on the kettle.

The window is left open.
Brand Sync /  12:22 PM

Although this readership is asynchronous, the message that arrives across the globe does so immediately for everyone upon hitting send.

Synchronization goes beyond space and time, as we see illustrated above.

Other factors for synchronization include interests, habits, study, memes, books, mission, religion, and common language.

I wanted to explain how I've been thinking about the different projects/expressions of my work so that you can understand what might look a bit disorganized.

The idea for communities is to create a shared set of values rooted in stories, common language and recurring moments to "sync" on.

Without a common pulse or cadence of syncing, groups can't thrive.

Picture: Church every Sunday, the Sabbath, Adhan and so on.

This newsletter is one such pulse, ditto for my other projects.

More importantly, each pulse is focused on a specific shared goal. You can choose to participate if/when you have the need. There is no mandate, and it is more useful to opt-in to the sync when problems arise or when you are trying to grow a certain way.

In each area, support and feedback are shared, giving you a feedback loop and a cadence that is more useful than trying to create one for yourself. Investing in these cadences accelerates your progress.

Investments can be attention, emotion, and a financial investment.

Not all of these projects will live on, and some (like this) will change and morph over time.

Below is where my head is at related to areas I'm developing that you can opt-in for, of course depending on your goals and needs.

I believe I've done so imperfectly, but concisely, with the Tweet thread below.

You can click through the header image on the cards to view directly on Twitter.

I'm shifting my online presence towards "David." Brands.

And each sub-brand from that is really just my own internal-dialogue, references, and memes.  (

I use the term "No Agenda" for docs, discussions, and feeds that present ideas with no immediate use.  (

"The Gold List" is my list/subscription for only the best tools and ideas you can use right now. … (

☕ CC – Creative Caffeine is what gives you a jolt when you're stuck/blocked.​

It's possible that only my audience/people that tune in understand and propagate these references.

That is totally ok.

The point is the branding, focused on a common language that communicates shared goals.

As always, hit reply if you have thoughts/questions comments or anything else...

xx David