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Sunday Caffeine - Time to Play

David Sherry
2 min read

Welcome to another day on earth, about as good as ever to be here!

You wake up, and for a few moments, things are in balance. You’re aware and present and there’s a savory moment where you have no expectation or real memory and you’re just there in bed or in the shower...

The thing to say is, “YES, Thank You, another day ahead!"

But, slowly and then all at once, the whole context of thoughts and history leaks through the cracks and rushes back to you. You remember who you are, where you are an are in some way a little bit less free because of it.

Because in that short space there was no assumptions or history or ego or limit. And what returns to you is the tasks at hand, the worries, the wins the losses and the scars from months or years prior. You start thinking of obligations...

What’s in the past is no longer relevant. Ditto for the wins.

If you’ve lived a long time, experienced the world, sure – you’ve got more pieces to play with.

If you’ve got an audience, you’ve got more ears to hear you again for the first time, and to take a bet on you.

If you’ve got a business, there is leverage, having others whom you can collaborate with and move responsibilities to.

But ultimately this 24 hours is your turn at the sticks. It’s your time to play and see what you can make. Time to get curious and pick up a new experience, share something with the world and go forward.

You're either in the driver's seat or you're not.

But we’ve all got scars.

Business deals that didn’t work out, job interviews we didn’t get,talkswe gave that bombed…

I’ve given two public talks that bombed. 3 slides in I knew I wasn’t connecting and I’d been too clever. After I had to have that awkward talk with my friends who graciously hid how they truly felt about how I did.So you walk up on stage the next time and there’s a caution keeping you from engaging fully.

This is sort of how we approach our days, in a way.
With a bit of caution.

So instead of waking up and saying “THANK YOU” we start to say that and then mid-sentence remember the deadline looming for Thursday.

But if we can act like the game's reset, and keep the thanks – things go better.

What am I creating today?
What doI want to pursue?
What is the energy that’s driving this train?

The magic is in your intention. It's about the approach.

The trap is in the context you give yourself.
Or the story that’s disempowering.

So it's up to us to shake the influence and pursue the day. Removing the magnet that pulls us away from the opportunity at hand.

Like they say, If this was your last day on earth, you'd suddenly have nothing to worry about.

You're up to bat now.Follow your curiosities and immerse yourself in your work.

So good morning and THANK YOU and go have fun playing today.

xx David